Travel with us on our trips and experiences.  See the pictures that are posted on this site for the trips that we have made.    We hope you find the pictures and the write-ups, where available most interesting and entertaining.


Thank you for visiting with us .....we have had the great opportunity to travel the world and see the natural beauty and learn the culture from those with whom we share this earth.

Earlier this year we visited Cuba for a learning experience, which took us from Havana in the west to Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo in the eastern part of the island, visiting many cities and towns along the way.    Click on Cuba below to see our pictures and videos.       I have also added pictures and videos from our trip to the National Parks in Utah.        

Check the links below to see pictures from our earlier trips.




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Our ship, the Pacific Princess sailed out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and headed south to Aruba and Panama.   The Pacific Princess then transited the Panama Canal into the Pacific Ocean and sailed north visiting Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico before arriving in Los Angeles.    We then sailed west across the Pacific to Hawaii, visiting some Pacific islands before arriving in New Zealand and Australia.  

Our odyssey continued west to other Pacific island countries before arriving in the Far East, where we visited Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, India and other countries.  Finally, we went to the Mid East and then through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea ending our journey in Rome, Italy.

Travel along with us and see the special sights we had the opportunity to write about as we visited places in the Untied States as well as in other countries

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Domestic Destinations

Colorado Royal Gorge Train 2016

National Parks in Utah 2016

Colorado 2015

Colorado Ski Trip 2014

California 2013 Colorado Ski Trip 2013

Celebration 2012

Gettysburg 2012

Colorado Skiing 2012 New England 2011
Colorado Ski Trip 2011 The Bahamas 2011

Caribbean Cruise 2010

Pacific Coast 2011

Lake Michigan 2009

Rehoboth, Delaware 2009

Utah/Colorado's National Parks 2007

Colorado Skiing 2007

Colorado Skiing 2006

Fallingwater / Kentuck Knob  2007 

Family Cruising in the Caribbean 2005

Utah's National Parks 2006

Skiing in Telluride 2004 Skiing in Colorado 2005
Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks 2003

Alaska 2004

Southern Utah National Parks 2002

Skiing in Park City 2003

Southern Florida 2001 

North Carolina Mountains 2002

Chesapeake Bay 2001

A Caribbean Cruise 2001 

Niagara Falls 2000

Philadelphia 2000


International Destinations






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