Our Visit to National Parks in Utah and Colorado


            I have written much about the national parks during our previous trips to the southern region of Utah … now once again we have returned to visit the same parks.  We explored the following parks: 

On this trip we also visited Mesa Verde National Park, which we had been to before, but I never had the opportunity to write about the park.   

What can I tell you about the parks that I have not “talked” about before or what is already legend in books and on the internet concerning the rare beauty and natural environment that is found in these parks.   For me and the thousands that come and visit the parks every week, there is something that draws us to this part of the world. 

That something articulates what is unique about the magnitude of the canyon walls, the complex array of trails, the shapes of the mesas, spires, arches and multi-colored sandstone formations, as well as the sky, the plants and wildflowers.  

So what is that something…..it is difficult to define, for it is a different emotion for each and every one of us.  For me, I’ll call it my “Magic Kingdom”.  When we were children, we could play in an empty cardboard box or even under the bed and pretend that we are alone in some fantasy place.   

No one knows us there and we are powerful enough to conquer any adversary that would confront us.   Life in the parks is like that for me ….there we are not concerned with the distractions of the real world; we are free to do what we want to do, when we want to do it.

That is how I feel about the parks ….a place away from the issues that we must be involved with in our daily lives and free to just reflect about our time in this magical place.  Each morning we plan which trails to walk, when to walk that trail and how far we want to go.   And each day, we would visit another part of this “Magic Kingdom” that will challenge us with a new quest to conquer.  

My “Magic Kingdom” is a world to imagine, to dream and to believe.   To hope and to think of things that brings happiness, peace and solitude.   At home we have television, chores and interruptions.   But in the “Magic Kingdom” we are tested by the difficulty of the things we do…the trails we hike and we attain delight in the sights that we behold.    

Often as we hike the trails we are alone with ourselves…it is our private place to not have to share with any other person.   At other times, we may meet someone along the trail and we might stop to talk…imagine that in the real world, but then which world is truly real.   We may talk for a few moments and share our thoughts for the moment …glad for the rest and happy to moving on.

I included pictures with some particulars about the parks that we visited including our visit to Mesa Verde to share with you the magnificent sights we observed.  Included here is specific information about our accommodations, our itinerary and our experience with the use of our GPS navigation system as we traveled the Southwest Red Rock Country


Weather was a little warmer than it usually is at this time of the year (in late April/early May), but we did have a snow experience leaving Mancos, Colorado, near Mesa Verde National Park. Daunting at the time, we drove out of the storm after about fifty miles. 

Another interesting aspect of these trips have been the people that we meet on the trail, as I mentioned earlier, and those that we meet in the lodging, restaurants and towns which we visit.   They provide another dimension to our learning experience.   


We had the pleasure of meeting up with and hiking in Arches National Park with an individual who was knowledgeable about the wild flowers.  As a result, I have included pictures of some of these flowers; though even with some research, I must admit I cannot fully describe or name all of them.