Capitol Reef National Park


I can say very little to describe the earth’s crust in and around Capitol Reef National Park.  It is hundreds of miles of a twisting, turning crease of the earth’s crown that was created 65 million years ago by the powerful forces that uplifted the Colorado plateau.  It is an array of huge colorful cliffs, colossal domes (that look like the dome of the Capitol in Washington, D.C.), spires that reach to the sky and canyons that snake throughout the park.  

This is a place where Indians lived and hunted for food, where Mormon families settled to farm the land, and where today people escape to find the quiet and beauty, both peaceful and satisfying.   The walls of the canyons look like ocean reefs and reflect the effects of their being submerged underwater for millions of years. 

On this page are pictures of canyons, sandstone formations and a barn built by Mormon settlers.  There are also pictures of local wildflowers and the trails that we hiked within the park.