Canyonlands National Park


Canyonlands National Park is an incredible exhibit of what hundreds of millions of years of erosion has achieved on this sedimentary rock.   Geologic material was deposited on this land as the earth’s surface moved to the north from the equator and had been flooded by oceans, rivers, and mud and then covered with sand.   Over these millions of years, deposits built up, layer on top of layer that sealed into the sedimentary rock clues of life that once existed there. 

Erosion in later years supported by freezing and water and wind provided the landscape we see today.  The park is divided into three sections: Islands in the Sky - is a broad mesa that serves as the observation place for Canyon lands; Needles – that is home to amazing formations and arches; and the Maze – one of the most remote places in the world also with wonderful sandstone formations.

Pictures on this page include wild flowers found in the park,...

...and cairns that mark the direction of the trails and some scenes from the Island in the Sky