Canyonlands National Park


White Rim Overlook  Trail


            The White Rim Overlook trailhead is located just before the Grandview Point Overlook (Elev. 6,080 feet) in the Islands in the Sky region of Canyonlands National Park.  The trailhead begins at the camping area parking lot and proceeds very gently over Navajo slick rock, but then becomes primarily an Entrada sandstone trail with some rocky ridges that we had to step down or up as necessary.

           Generally the trail is level with little vertical change but it does meander over rolling hills and rocky areas.   There are small trees and plants along the way, but none are very big...only growing to maybe two or three feet in height as a result of the desert location.   As we hike we pass many unique sandstone formations along the trail.

            The trail continues for about a mile (two plus miles round trip) and ends at a precipice that offers at least a 300 degree view of two canyons meeting some two thousand feet below.   On the canyon floor there are gorges that seem to be hundreds or more feet deep lined with a white substance that is calcium chloride.  

            In this area we can almost see the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers, as well as both the La Sal and the Abajo Mountain ranges that line both sides of the park.   We could also see the Needles region of the park way off in the distance.


            Circling around those gorges is the White Rim trail that runs for hundreds of miles and used by four wheel drive vehicles, off road motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles for multiple day adventures.

             The view of snow covered mountains off in the distance and the desert like surface below is an awesome comparison of what nature can create.  While I took many pictures, it is almost impossible to capture the expansive views that lie before me with any degree of realism.

           We just sat on a rock formation at the point that our trail ended and just tried to absorb the beauty, the majesty of what we were viewing.   We knew it was an extraordinary opportunity to be there and it truly was magical.