A Journey Through Northern Europe



We traveled through Northern Europe….Scandinavia, the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and Russia as well as Amsterdam, Germany and, of course, Dover, England, where we began and completed our journey.      The journey took us through the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Gulf of Finland and the Norwegian Sea and then north into the Arctic Sea.

In the first segment of the cruise we visited cities in the countries mentioned, and the second segment focused primarily on cruising along the Norwegian coast and into the fiords and visiting small towns well above the Arctic Circle.   As we sailed north, the days became longer until finally we fully experienced the midnight sun which gave us twenty-four hours of daylight…. a wonderful opportunity to capture the exceptional views in each of the fiords we visited.  


Scandinavian Countries

Denmark, Sweden,   and  Finland

From left: Copenhagen, Denmark Canal Scene and the Church in the Rock in Helsinki, Finland

The Coastal Fiords of Norway

From left: Naeroy Valley and Fiord in Stalheim, Norway and the Edvard Grieg home site outside Bergen, Norway

Baltic Countries

Lithuania, Latvia,      and Estonia

From left: Klaipeda, Lithuania and Tallinn, Estonia


From left: St. Petersburg, Russia The Church of our Savior on the Spilled Blood and a Canal Scene in the "Venice of the North"

England, Germany and the Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands Windmill and Dover, England's White Cliffs of Dover


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Denmark, Sweden, and  Finland
The Coastal Fiords of Norway
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
England, Germany and the Netherlands



Certainly, details of each place we visited are readily available in travel books and on the internet, so I will not even attempt to collect that information and provide it here.  But rather it may be interesting to just touch upon what experiences and observations we found quite interesting.

The implications of technology were everywhere….cell phones in everybody’s hand as well as internet access in coffee shops, restaurants and other gathering places.   On board, however, the ship internet was more and more limited as we headed north until we reached areas having no access to satellite coverage.  

People of many of the countries we visited rely on bicycles for local transportation because gasoline prices were about eight dollars a gallon.   In general, all prices were quite a bit more expensive than we see in America.   I wanted to buy some extra t-shirts …the ones without the writing on them and the costs would range from thirty dollars up to almost eighty dollars…..quite pricy.   But the real beauty in all the cities we visited was the astounding architecture. 

We had previously traveled to many of the cities that we visited and yet these cities remained as beautiful and as interesting to us as ever.   We took tours during most of the port visits as that gave us another opportunity to learn about the history and the places of interest and at the conclusion of the tour we would head off on our own to walk around the city.