Colorado 2016

Caņon City's Royal Gorge Train




The Arkansas River has formed one of the most spectacular attractions in Colorado - the Royal Gorge. 8-miles west is the world's highest suspension bridge hanging a dizzying 1,053' above the rushing river and offers unforgettable views of the canyon in the city's largest park. Another opportunity to feel the depth and impact of this canyon is to travel through the spectacular Royal Gorge by rail aboard the Royal Gorge Route Railroad.   

On the skiing trip we took the two hour train ride, the weather was just perfect.....had lunch aboard the Dome car which provided amazing views of this deep gorge as we traveled approximately twelve miles alongside the Arkansas River.

And of course Pete and Al did get in seven days of skiing at the fabulous Monarch Ski Resort.   The weather was perfect at the early part of our trip, but as the week passed it became colder each day, with strong wind gusts and poorer visibility.   On our last day we skied in minus twenty-three degree wind chill........not much fun in these conditions.