Colorado Skiing

Lila and Alan's Visit With Pete and Sandy in Buena Vista, Colorado


Up The Mountain

Mardi Gras Beads on the Trees by the Lift

            Skiing in Colorado this year was not unlike the last two years when we went skiing and stayed in Buena Vista with our friends Pete and Sandy. Pete and I skied most every day but we also enjoyed some good eating along with Lila and Sandy.  The differences this year was that is was much colder and with the help of a snowstorm that came in while we were there, we had  powder…..yes, I mean real skiing powder.   The temperature continued to decline each day when we first arrived and one afternoon it was only three degrees as we were coming off the mountain.

             Through the night and into the morning about fourteen to sixteen inches of powder fell on the slopes.   I was somewhat anxious as I put on my skies since it was the first time that I had an opportunity to ski in pure powder. Previously, a snow fall would result in grooves being left in the snow by skiers who had just skied down the hill.  But this was different …it was a very dry snow as I stood in the snow with my skies on, the snow came up to my knees. 


I could see other skiers just moving through the snow with ease and the snow just flaring around their boots and legs.  It looked easy, so Pete and I just headed down the hill….it was different and it was great.  Skiing through the deep snow was as if it was just not there …it was not what I had expected…it was easy, very little resistance whatsoever. 

             It was, however, not easy to detect the changes in the terrain, but having sailed down those slopes in days past I had an appreciation of what I should expect.   We did ski a little slower as there is some resistance moving through the snow and I had to sit back on my skis just a bit to keep the tips from ”digging in”.   It was fun, but the cold weather and the wind were tough to take that day, but it made heading to the lodge a regular part of the skiing modus operandi.  


Great snow, great friends and great fun

One of the great trails at Monarch Ski Resort

Cold Ride up the Mountain


            Overall the time in Colorado was superb and being with our friends is like being with family.   Pete and Sandy have lived in Buena Vista for many years sharing their time between northern Virginia and Colorado.   At an altitude of eight thousand feet, Buena Vista, which is about three hours southwest of Denver, is surrounded by the most beautiful mountains.  It is not really a ski town….but it is home to a state prison which is the primary employer for the people living in Buena Vista.

             Buena Vista can best be described as a middle class town with the most sincere and outgoing people.  They are warm and caring and they readily extend a helping hand to others without reservation or question.  The town has few amenities, but recently a new housing development is in the offing as residents are coming from California and other states trying to get away from high real estate prices and crowded neighborhoods and live in a more tranquil and serene setting. 


Scenes of Buena Vista

High Winds at South Park

Presidential Mountains