The Atlantis Resort in Nassau, The Bahamas



For the Thanksgiving holidays, Wendy and Larry took us and the grandchildren to the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.    Also vacationing with us was Larry’s business partner and his family.     It was a wonderful holiday to celebrate together and experience the wonder of the Atlantis facility…which includes the varied fine restaurants, the accommodations in the towers, the many pools and not to forget the casino. 

In addition, there is the Current or the one mile long lazy river with waves, an artificial tidal surge and rushing rapids as well as a building that makes it possible for you to ride your tube from the top of the power tower down to the lazy river.  

Just outside the Royal Towers is the Mayan Temple attraction consisting of four major slides where you rapidly glide down to a waiting pool.  

The Dig is a series of aquariums located beneath the lobby of the Royal Towers and is the world's largest open air marine habitat. Hundreds of different aquatic species live in the Dig's tanks such as angelfish, sharks, manta rays, one of which being larger than ten feet, and various types of jellyfish. The goal of The Dig is to provide guests with a taste of life in the legendary destroyed city of Atlantis. The different aquariums exhibit wreckage and debris scattered about representing the "Lost City of Atlantis."

Additionally, we had the opportunity to “swim” with the dolphins that was truly a very special experience that permitted us to get extremely close to these magnificently talented animals.